PVC Handbook

von Charles E. Wilkes, James W. Summers, Charles A. Daniels (Hrsg.)

ISBN-13: 978-3-446-22714-9
Schriftenreihe: Nein
Erscheinungsjahr: 2005
Verlag: Hanser Verlag
Ausgabe: 1st edition
Umfang / Format: 723 pp., with 239 figs. Ant 35 tables, Hardcover
Medium: Buch

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In this single handbook, the editors aim to give a diverse audience of readers a complete account of all aspects of PVC - from monomer manufacture to polymerization; the gamut of such additives as stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers, impact modifiers, fillers and reinforcing agents; blends and alloys; compounding and processing; characterization; combustion resistance and weatherability; product engineering design; applications; environmental and safety; and finally the PVC industry dynamics.

The handbook contains both practical formulation information as well as a mechanistic view of why PVC behaves as it does.

Aus dem Inhalt

  • Vinyl Chloride Monomer
  • Polymerization
  • PVC Stabilizers and Lubricants
  • Plasticizers
  • Processing Aids and Impact Modifiers
  • Fillers and Reinforcing Agents
  • PVC Blends and Alloys
  • Compounding Processes
  • Flexible PVC
  • Specialty Grade PVC Resins
  • Physical Properties and Characterization of PVC
  • Flammability and Fire Performance
  • Weathering of PVC Compounds
  • Fabrication Processes
  • Product Engineering Design
  • PVC Applications, their Standards and Regulations and Starting Formulations
  • PVC Environmental, Health, Safety
  • PVC Industry Structure and Dynamics


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