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Injection Molding Advanced Troubleshooting Guide

The 4M Approach

von Randy  Kerkstra, Steve  Brammer

ISBN-13: 978-1-56990-834-1
Schriftenreihe: Nein
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
Verlag: Hanser Verlag
Ausgabe: 2nd edition 2021
Umfang / Format: 523 pp., in full colour, Hardcover
Medium: Buch

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This highly practical troubleshooting guide solves injection molding problems systematically and quickly. The rigorous but user-friendly approach employs the authors' proven »STOP« methodology, considering molding process, mold, machine, and material (4M's) as possible sources of part defects. Importantly, the interaction between tooling, processing, and material is emphasized, allowing successful resolution of difficult problems where »by-the-books« approaches fail. Starting from troubleshooting methodology and tools, there is a focused discussion of key areas impacting troubleshooting, in particular the 4M's, followed by an in-depth troubleshooting guide for various molding defects, structured logically by type of problem / solution. Insightful case studies throughout show the strengths of the STOP method to get real processes to run smoothly and reliably, producing quality parts with optimal cycle time and cost. Drawing on a wealth of hands-on experience, this book serves as an ideal reference to be consulted at the machine, or as a learning and training manual, suitable for both beginners and experienced molders. With valuable information on robust process windows, cycle time evaluations, scrap savings, and runners / gates with no existing standard in the industry, no other book provides the unique insights found here. The 2nd edition is updated with new discussion and case studies on topics including additive manufactured inserts, unmelts, buildup, burns, cycle time, gloss variation, and read-through.

Randy Kerkstra has worked in the plastics industry for over 29 years, with particular experience in troubleshooting injection molding. He is a well-known columnist for magazines covering this area. Steve Brammer is Molding Technical Manager at Lacks Trim Systems. He is a highly respected writer and educator in the area of plastics processing and manufacturing.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-56990-834-1
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